Monday, July 10, 2006

Johnny:How wonderful! Thank you for letting me know you'll be at your house tonight. You are a wonderful little boy. Keep brushing those teeth! Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Toothfairy,I will be sleeping at my house tonight. Remember when I said that I lost my front tooth and the loose one was next to the one that I just lost? Well that tooth came out! It is under my pillow tonight. Bye ByeJohnny (7 years old)

Blake:You keep doing all the fun things you enjoy and when you aren't even thinkingabout it - that tooth will come right out.Keep brushing those teeth!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Toothfairy,I want my tooth to come out fast. Please come to my house while I amsleeping and pull my tooth out soon.blake

That's a lot of questions! My special magic allows me to come through thewindow only when you are sleeping. Moms and Dads help the Tooth Fairy with money sometimes. Keep brushing those teeth! I'm sure I'll see you soon.Love,The Tooth

dear tooth fariyyou will becoming to my house. my front teeth are loose. were does allthe money come from. how do you get in the house. it has been nice talking toyou.

Christina:I hope you enjoy your visit from the Tooth Fairy. Keep brushing those teeth!Love,The Tooth

My mom or my brother accidentally threw away my tooth.It is in the trash somewhere if you want it. Pleaselook at my note, and still leave me LOTS of money!!!LoveChristina

Madeline:When you least expect it - you'll lose that tooth. Keep brushing.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Toothfairy,I have a loose tooth. It's very shiny and I've been waiting for it to fall out forever. It's been wiggling for a long , long, long, time. I wish it would fall out soon. Love, Madeleine.

You are a very sweet girl. I know that you are trying very hard and that's themost important thing.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear toothfairy Iam sorry that I suck my thum but i am a bad bad girl and ican't stop sorry :,-(

Hello Jack:That was a wonderful tooth you lost!Keep brushing your teeth.Love,The Tooth Fair

Dear Tooth Fairy,My name is Jack.i lostmy atjcciilookdallovrthe plasewill youstilgivmeacoye/lovejack.

Wow-you're getting braces!Make sure you keep those teeth all shiny and clean - I'll be by to get them.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Pretty soon you will be visiting me alot! I am getting braces and to do that all my baby teeth have to go and go to you! Start savin up that money because my teeth are comin on there way!

The Tooth Fairy is a very real part of many children's lives. As far as Santa and the Easter bunny - we are all friends. It would be very hard to get a picture of us together because we are all very busy bringing joy to children'slives.Keep brushing those teeth!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth FairyI just want to know if your real if so can you write back some day. And an other thing I just want to know this mite sound silly ........ are you friends with Santa, Easter bunny and all them other friends. This is the last thing I promise can you take pictures of you Santa the Easter Bunny

Hannah:Thank goodness your Mom and Dad thought to put the tooth under your pillowagain. It was a very busy night and I just couldn't get it all done. It's awonderful tooth!!Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,We put her tooth under her pillow last night and you forgot to come. We aregoing to put it under her pillow again tonight but we just want to make surethat you know so you don't forget.Thanks

Abby:Thank you so much for giving me a second chance to get your tooth. I had a verybusy night and could not get to everyone's home. Wow- what a great tooth!Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

April 13, 2006Dear Tooth Fairy,What happened last night? I put my tooth under my pillow, but it was stillthere in the morning. Are you OK?Are you sick? I wish you could come tonight. I will leave my tooth undermy special pillow in my special tooth case. I like your wand and your wingsand your beautiful skirt. Fly safely.I really hope you come tonight. I hope you fly safely. I hope your wandwill give me money.Love,Abby

AustinThank you for this wonderful, clean and shiny tooth! Keep brushing and I'llvisit again one day.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear tooth fairy,can you visit my house tonight the date is 4/11/06 From, Austin

Corey:Look on my website under Kids Place. Thers's a picture of me you can print fromthe computer and color.Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Hi,My name is Corey and i am nine years old and i just wanted a picture of what Tooth Fairy land looks like?loveCorey

KateThere are lots of fairy helpers and one Tooth Fairy at Tooth Fairyland. TheFairy helpers have wonderful names like Sarah, Griffin and Kate.Keep brushing those teeth!!Love,The Tooth Fairy

hello this is kate! how many fairys are at fairy land? katexxxx

Anthony:Of course I'll come to get your tooth if you are sick. While you are sleeping,I will place a little kiss on your cheek to help you feel better.You have wonderful teeth. Keep brushing.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,Can you come to my house if I am sick to take my tooth?Anthony B.Cape Coral, Florida

Louisa:Please forgive me! I had so many children to see that I couldn't get to you thefirst night. You have wonderful teeth - so bright and shiny.Keep brushing.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Hello Tooth fairy,I lost my tooth last night and I placed it near my radio in my room. Youalways come to get my teeth and leave a letter and money , but I didn't finda letter this morning did you forget?Louisa ( 8 years old )

The Tooth Fairy is a girl. I don't think I could leave a pet under your pillow.Maybe you could talk to your Mom and Dad about a pet or share with your friendAlyssa.Keep brushing your teeth.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Are you a girl or aboy?andCan you give me pet my friend Alyssa pets and stuff?I don't have any pet, Alyssa has some....please, help me...Thank you !!

Oisin:Everyone loses their baby teeth - even the Tooth Fairy. That's why I love tofly around and make children happy when they lose a tooth so they aren'tfrightened.Keep brushing your teeth.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Toothfairy,Do you have teeth that fall out?LoveOisin

The amount isn't for how the tooth is lost. Sometimes I leave more money,sometimes I leave less. It all depends on how many children lose a tooth thatnight and how many houses I'm visiting.Keep brushing those teeth!Love,The Tooth Fairy

When teeth are pulled, do we get double the money?

Tammy:Wow - #10!Congratulations. I can't wait to get that shiny tooth. Keep brushing.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear tooth fairy,I lost my 10th tooth!This time can I have $20 pretty please

Morgan:What a wonderful letter fron such a special little girl. My favorite color isyellow too!Your mom is very smart and she is right that I am very busy. There's a pictureof me on Tooth Fairyland that you can print on your computer (Kids Place). Askyour mom to help you print it. Then you can color it with your favorite colorsand hang it in your room. That way, I'll be with you always!Keep brushing your teeth. I'm glad you like Tooth Fairyland.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,It's fun down here. I like you. You're really pretty. My favorite color is yellow. What is your favorite color? I love you, Tooth Fairy!!! I like your fairy land, it's pretty.I get sad because I wish I could play with you and I want you to sleep over at my house. My mom says that you can't because you are so busy collecting other children's teeth. Can you tell me why you can't. I cry because you can't stay over night,Why can't you take me to your fairy land? I wish you could come and I could tickle you under your arms. You're pretty, like Zoey 101.I have lost two teeth so far. I have five loose teeth. I am 6 years old and my birthday is February 17.I wish you could cuddle up with me and sleep on my arm at night. I love you very much.Love,Morgan

Lots of Moms and Dads help the Tooth Fairy with money so all little children geta treat when they lose their tooth.Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Where does the tooth fairy get the money that she leaves under mypillow?

Do all the normal stuff you would do and that tooth will wiggle it's way out!! Ican't wait for you to place it under your pillow.Love,The Tooth Fairy

hey i hav a lose tooh now!!! What do i Do?????

I have lots of helpers at Tooth Fairyland. The teeth become part of my shinywhite castle at Tooth Fairyland.Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

what do you do with all the teeth when you get them? do you have any helpers?
Dear Madison:The amount of money you get for a tooth depends on how many little children losea tooth that day and how much money I have. Lots of Moms and Dads help out withmoney so every child gets something.Keep brushing! I can't believe you're ready to lose your last tooth.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear tooth fairy,Do you give more money for the last tooth (golden tooth) that is lost?Thanks love,Madison

Dear Gabriela:I've been flying around so much taking care of chilren's teeth that I haven'thad time to look for Emily. I hope you find her.Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy, we have lost one of our fairies that our grandma got us we were wondering if you knew where she is her name is Emily CabreraThankyouLove Gabriela

Dear Logan:Thank you for writing to me. You had a wonderful shiny white tooth!! I have itnow in Tooth Fairyland.Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Hi, my name is Logan Norris. It is Wensday March 29 and I lost my 10 tooth 3 days ago. I know you are buisy and you have a hard job. I am not trying to be selfish or anything but can I have more than one dollar please. Thank you for taking my e-mail and you are the best tooth collecter in the galexy. Your Friend, Logan

You are such a wonderful big brother! Thank you for writing to the Tooth Fairy.Show your baby brother how to look under his pillow when those teeth arepulled.Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

my brother has to get all the top teeth pulled out what will you give mypoor baby brother whos 1 years old he likes real animals and other things youcan give him any thing you have in mind for all those top teeth
It's probably best that you wait to visit Tooth Fairyland when you finish highschool.Love,The Tooth Fairy

You said on your website that I can come visit you at Fairy land when I am older. How old do I have to be before I can come visit you, 17?

Hannah:I'm so glad you like my website. You are a very special little girl. You havebeautiful shiny white teeth. Even though you can't come to Tooth Fairyland tovisit - your little tooth will have a space up there - twinkling way up in thesky.Keep brushing!Love,The Tooth Fairy

Dear ToothfairyMy name is Hannah Clough. I live in Milford NH. I am 5 years old. I have my first lose tooth. I am very excited. My mom and me have read your webpage together. I have a question for you that I hope you can answer.I would love to visit tooth fairy land but how do I get up there with no wings?I think my tooth should be falling out tomorrow so maybe you will bevisiting me.PLease email your answer to my mommys email address Ilove you tooth fairy!LoveHannah

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Hi tooth fairy I just wat to say thanks for the $15 u eft me for my last to teeth.
From Nikeshi